Red Corona by Tim Glister

Red Corona by Tim Glister
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 1.2 MB

A missing scientist.
A desperate spy.

It’s 1961, and the white heat of the Space Race is making the Cold War even colder.
The age of global surveillance dawns.
Secret Agent Richard Knox has been hung out to dry by someone in MI5, and he needs to find the traitor in their midst.
Meanwhile in a closed city outside Leningrad, top Soviet Scientist Irina Valera discovers the secret to sending messages through space, a technology that could change the world.
But an accident forces her to flee.

Desperate for a way back into MI5, Knox makes an unlikely ally in Abey Bennett, one of the CIA’s only female recruits, while Valera’s technology in the hands of the KGB could be catastrophic.

As three powers battle for dominance, three people will fight to survive . . . .

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