Regenesis Collection by D. Scott Dickinson

Regenesis Collection by D. Scott Dickinson (#1-3)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 705 KB

Journey across an alien moon through three dimensions of time. Unlock the secrets of its geologic past. And the climate-fueled firestorm that consumed all life between the poles. Witness its healing renewal. And the wellspring of life it reclaims. Discover its hopeful future. As seven Brave Ones cross a savage sea. While seven others trek through unexplored wilderness to an unknown shore.
A stunning visual odyssey reveals the mute, mummified relics of mass extinction, the cradle of life with its archaic and freakish chimeras from evolution’s early dawn, the crystal city of an ice-locked colony frozen in time, a mysterious high desert tower with a portal into the past, and a voyage across a great ocean fraught with peril.

As good confronts evil. And love finds a way. For the regenesis of a world.

1. Paradox Moon
2. Lunar Antipodes
3. Eos Rising

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