Remote Work by Will Gant

Remote Work: From a Job or Make a Career Working From Home by Will Gant
English | 2020 | Business & Money | eBook | 535 KB

The comprehensive guide to remote work, working remotely and securing a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility…
Want to work from your home office instead of an oppressive cubicle? Do you dream of traveling the world as a digital nomad? Want to avoid the many mistakes first time remote workers encounter?

Now you can with this book…

Just like you, Will Gant dreamt of working remotely. He wanted to roll out of bed and work whatever hours he wanted. He’s achieved these goals and joined the ranks of dependable remote workers.

Now he wants to share his trade secrets with you…
Will Gant is a proven author, software developer and professional consultant. With over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles. He continues to share his expertise in remote work and software development.

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