Revenge at Sea by Brian O’Sullivan

Revenge at Sea by Brian O’Sullivan (Quint Adler #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 286 KB

Quint Adler is a small-town crime reporter with loftier aspirations. Stuck in a hospital bed on his 40th birthday, he overhears a sinister conversation.

Sensing an opportunity, Quint starts his own investigation, bypassing local law enforcement in the process. His inquiries lead him to the scene of a savage murder. And a second one, even more barbaric.
Then things spiral out of control. Quint becomes a suspect in the murders and believes his father’s recent death might not be an accident.

Quint tries to clear his name but realizes the real murderer is above the law. To find justice, he has to resort to extreme measures: following the sadistic killer out to sea.

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