Rise of First World by Christopher Katava

Rise of First World by Christopher Katava
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 385 KB

For Iain, village life wasn’t too exciting until a sudden change in climate forces him to cross the sea in search of a new home for his tribe. There he discovers the stories about strange and mystical creatures are not only real, but more beautiful and terrifying then imagined.
Alone and plagued by a bitter sense of loss he is drawn into a maze of interwoven worlds where everyone he meets seems to have their own agenda for him. But battling dragons and an evil sorcerer aren’t his only problems. He must discover the one attribute the Hue-man tribes posses that can save them from extinction.

A fierce woman warrior, a mysterious Seraphim, and Iain’s own desire to overcome his past provide the best chance of survival. Even those he trusts and fights for may be plotting the destruction of his people and the Rise of First World.

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