Rising Force by Wayne Stinnett

Rising Force by Wayne Stinnett (Caribbean Adventure #13)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.2 MB

Paradise has a price. For JesseMcDermitt, that price is his moral compass and a bullet.
The retired Marine and charterskipper takes on a passenger in Nassau, a young woman who is a breath of freshair. She introduces him to the laid-back cruising crowd on an idyllic small cayin the Berry Islands. Jesse takes to the relaxing lifestyle like a fish towater.

Living each day on its own terms isa new experience for Jesse, but it doesn’t last long. Trouble always seems tofind him. When Jesse gets word that someone is destroying nearby patch reefsand poaching sea turtles — and that all this is happening in the same area wherea trio of sadistic murderers may be hiding — it triggers his instincts forinvestigation.
Has Jesse’s urge to find out thetruth cost him everything? He came to the Bahamas on a fool’s errand toreconnect with a lost love. The image of her on a beach in the Virgin Islandsfills his mind as he passes out from loss of blood…

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