Rogue Liberator by John R. Monteith

Rogue Liberator by John R. Monteith
English | 2018 | Military Thriller | ePUB | 232 KB

The circle closes…
On a covert mission in Iranian waters, a U.S. Virginia-class attack submarine falls prey to an elaborate trap. Stranded on the sea bottom behind enemy lines, the American sub sends out a desperate call for help.
Enter global gun runner Pierre Renard and his mercenary combat/salvage fleet. Led by expelled U.S. naval officer Jake Slate, Renard’s band of misfit superstars are facing their deadliest mission yet.

Outgunned by a regional military powerhouse, the tiny navy of castoffs must trust their wits, each other, and their accidental American allies. It’s been thirteen years since Slate and Renard stole nuclear warheads from the U.S. Navy. Now, if they can pull off an impossible rescue without triggering a war, they might finally erase the sins of their past.
Together, they’ll earn redemption and respect. Or they’ll die trying.

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