Salvation by John G Hartness

Salvation by John G Hartness
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 775 KB

The Quest for Glory comes to its thrilling conclusion in this Quincy Harker collection! Glory’s lost her wings, and Harker is running around collection Archangels like they’re Pok√©mon, but things go from bad to worse as he gets nearer to his final battle with the king of lies himself, Lucifer! Follow the adventures of Harker and the modern day Shadow Council as they try to save the world and restore Glory’s divinity.

This novella collection features all four of the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter books that make up Year Four:

She Talks to Angels
She’s part Harley Quinn and part Wynona Earp.
She’s the granddaughter of the greatest vampire hunter who ever lived.
She’s part of The Shadow Council, a secret group of people working to save the world.
She’s Gabriella Van Helsing, and she’s going to blow some crap up.
In the fifth part of the Quincy Harker crossover series, Gabby helps hunt down a rogue archangel in St. Louis, learning more about herself, about history, and about that cute doctor’s son than she expected when she took the gig. The fate of the world is in her hands, and now this non-magical woman from Chicago has to suit up and play in the metaphysical big leagues to hunt down The Voice of God and keep the Midwest from becoming Ground Zero for the Apocalypse!

Shout at the Devil
For the past year, Quincy Harker and the Shadow Council have been hurtling toward a climactic confrontation with Lucifer for the fate of the world. That final battle moves ever nearer as Harker learns of the murder of an old friend in San Francisco. He puts his quest on hold to find his friend’s killer, but when he gets to the City by the Bay, he finds that his two cases are irrevocably entwined and leading to a cataclysmic confrontation that may leave all of San Francisco a smoking ruin!
Ah crap, aren’t angels supposed to be the good guys?
Well, nothing is ever easy with Harker and the gang!

Angel of Harlem
The Quest for Glory rushes toward its conclusion as Quincy Harker steps in for a missing Shadow Council member and goes to New York City to find the last Archangel. But when pieces of his past come back to haunt him, Quincy Harker must face feelings long buried and horrors brand new when the Big Apple and a band of angry demons try to take a bite out of him!

Sympathy for the Devil
t’s been a two-year quest that has spanned the continent, and now Quincy Harker, Charlotte, NC’s favorite (and only) Demon Hunter is crossing dimensions to do battle with Lucifer and restore his Guardian Angel Glory’s divinity. Harker and his band of merry angels, monsters, and humans set off to keep Lucifer from re-starting the War on Heaven, but things go sideways right from the jump.
How will Harker navigate the tortures and temptations of Hell to save his friend and the world?
Can Harker keep himself together in the face of everything Lucifer and his minions will throw at him?
Is he really hero enough to stand toe to toe with the Devil himself and come out alive?
Or will he fall prey to the “man of wealth and taste?

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