Satan’s Road by Theo Cage

Satan’s Road by Theo Cage
English | 2017 | Sci-Fi Thriller | ePUB | 331 KB


What would happen if Dan Brown had collaborated with sci-fi writer Michael Chrichton? They might have given birth to a novel about a technological doomsday filled with echoes of an ancient divination.
A group of prominent University researchers uncover an ancient prophecy that predicts the Internet will destroy civilization over a twenty-four hour period. Analyzing the Book of Revelations with a new super-computer reveals the end is coming soon and behind the cyber Apocalypse is an end-of-days cult called the Soldiers of Patmos, holed up in an armed compound only miles from Washington DC. Untouchable. Armed to the teeth. Finger on the button.
When the researchers start to die and disappear, the last surviving professor, Kam O’Brien, decides he is the last hope. He must find his way into the cult to rescue his kidnapped wife and end the threat. The book worm becomes reluctant avenger.
Infamous Washington Homicide detective, Gregory Hyde, joins forces with his old flame, Jann Stone of the FBI, to confront the messianic leader of the cult and prevent a military confrontation that could be hundreds of times more bloody than the Waco Siege.
Satan’s Road climaxes when the prophecies begin to come true and ordinary people are pushed to their limits to survive.

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