Savage by J.C. Staudt

Savage by J.C. Staudt (The Solumancer Cycle #2)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | EPUB | 369 KB

Yeah, I killed him.
Kind of. I banished his soul to another plane of existence, leaving his body – and his life – to rot away in this one. Give me a break. It was an accident.
I needed to find out who sent him, so I did something few would’ve dared. I assumed his identity. That’s right; I’m an impostor. Stupid move, I know. Now I’m trying to manage the intricacies of a new life, a new family, and more new magic than I can shake a ten-foot yeti at.
No matter how much magic I get my hands on, somehow I want more. That’s why I’ll follow a goblin down a barrel of cooking grease, rescue a girl from a vampiric social activist group, and search for my lost brother even though we’re not actually related. Apparently wizards really do have all the fun.

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