Saving Justice by Peter O’Mahoney

Saving Justice by Peter O’Mahoney (Tex Hunter #5)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 248 KB

The truth is one step closer…
Defending a fellow lawyer is never easy, but when a divorce attorney is charged with the murder of a private investigator, the pressure builds to breaking point.

Joe Fielding wasn’t an ordinary investigator. He wasn’t clean, he wasn’t honorable, and he wasn’t truthful—he was one of the most corrupt, ruthless, and fraudulent investigators to walk the streets of Chicago. Fielding’s employment at a family law firm was littered with criminal activity, and there were people determined to see his secrets go to the grave with him.

Determined to bring down a fraudulent law firm, criminal defense attorney Tex Hunter must fight against convicted felons, corrupt lawyers, and ruthless businessmen, treading closer to violence with each step, closer to danger with each day. Fielding’s reputation was built on cruelty and dishonesty, corruption and manipulation, and his employers would continue to protect their secrets, even if it cost a defense lawyer his life.
Investigating years of testimonies and decades of criminal activity, the evidence forces Hunter to make a choice—to chase the truth, to uncover the evidence, Tex Hunter must look into his own past, and risk his own life to expose them all…

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