Scourge by Bradley Wright

Scourge by Bradley Wright (Xander King #5)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 420 KB

Devastating things come in small packages . . .
“This will change the world forever.” The nanotechnology Gregor Maragos’s scientist is referring to is finally ready. The “change” that Gregor seeks lies in his vendetta against the President of the Untied States. The secret weapons he’s built are capable of taking out any world leader with the touch of a button. America has been racing to be the first to perfect this unparalleled technology. They just lost.
Xander King and his clandestine team Reign are in Venice, Italy, tracking an assassin responsible for the death of a fellow CIA agent. The web tangles here because the assassin, astonishingly, is also after Xander. Who hired this hitman and why unravels a sickening corruption deep inside the US government.
Running down clues while dodging bullets, Xander races to put the pieces together before this technology’s wrath is unleashed. If he doesn’t make it in time, America might lose their President, and he might lose everything he’s ever loved. Xander is willing to die to keep them all safe . . . but this time, even the ultimate sacrifice might not be enough.

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