Scythian Dawn by P.K. Lentz

Scythian Dawn by P.K. Lentz
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 677 KB

Galactic overlords keep Earth stuck in a permanent Dark Age. Empires are dust. Only nomadic cultures thrive. One barbarian war band will strike back. Sharp iron will split alien skulls. A new Dawn will rise.
Born a princess of Scythia, Arixa spurned palace life to live by the blade, ranging the steppe with her war band, the Dawn. When a strange encounter leaves her with knowledge that an alien power which has devastated Earth many times in the past is due soon to return, she sets her sights on saving her homeland, even if no one believes the danger.

As if that task weren’t impossible enough, Arixa aims literally for the stars in a bid to make Earth’s alien oppressors pay in blood. With an ax-wielding Northman by her side and a few hundred tattooed savages at her back, she will carry the fight to an enemy capable of devastating entire worlds. She will soar in spacecraft, witness wonders, make off-world allies and wield high-tech weapons, but her deadly iron war-pick will always be at hand.
Barbarians are forever the bane of empires. The masters of space will learn that even they are not immune to the blade.
Because axes can kill aliens, too.

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