Seoul Demon by John P. Logsdon,‎ Noah K. Sturdevant

Seoul Demon by John P. Logsdon,‎ Noah K. Sturdevant
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 720 KB

There’s a Demon on the loose. No, another one…
Mark Vedis and his team need a break. After the events of Bangkok Warlock, they’ve been working with the Thai Paranormal Police Department (PPD) to clean up the streets and get rid of the last of the supernatural threats to the Land of Smiles. Too bad the supernatural mafia is back and ready to make their lives a living hell.
This time they’ve attacked the PPD branches in South Korea, and they’ve brought backup.
Mark and the team will have to fend off mages, monsters, and a demon so big he’s made Bert more than a little jealous.
To make matters worse, Mark also managed to create a public relations nightmare by bringing a woman back from the dead using black magic. If that wasn’t enough, he’s caught the eye of a dragon who wants to add him to her collection of pretty boys.
Life was so much easier when everyone just wanted to kill him…

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