Shadows Bear No Names by Oganalp Canatan (ePUB, MOBI)

Shadows Bear No Names by Oganalp Canatan (The Blackened Prophecy Book 1)
English | 2016 | Science Fiction | 1 MB

Ray is a simple man. He captains a rusty old Consortium freighter for a few credits a month. He just wants to be left alone. Then fate puts Ray in the center of an intergalactic conspiracy and a first-contact scenario that may very well be the end of the human race. Poor Ray. When a bumbling priest refuses to let Ray turn away from destiny, the humble captain must discover hidden strengths. He joins forces with Admiral Rebecca Conway, a powerful commander who is just beginning to glimpse the hidden treacheries within her government. Meanwhile, Ray’s crewmember Sarah survives a crash on a backward planet. Sarah reluctantly works for the local mafioso until she meets Ga’an, the last member of a long-dead alien race, and who may hold the key to defending the universe against a massive invasion from an evil force of unspeakable power.
Shadows Bear No Names is the first in the Blackened Prophecy series, in which one ordinary, unassuming man must battle through space, survive excursions on uncharted worlds, and defeat an alien invasion as he tries to find his estranged daughter and go home.

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