Shadowstorm by Skye Knizley (ePUB, AZW3)

Shadowstorm by Skye Knizley (The Storm Chronicles Book 4)
English | 300 pages | Urban Fantasy | EPUB, AZW3 | 1.5 Mb

In the spring of 1984, just before his daughter’s birth, Detective Mason Storm began an investigation into the ritualistic slaying of seven women, their bodies defiled and left covered in black rose petals.
The case ended with Storm suspended. The bizarre murders were left unsolved.
Thirty years later, the killer has returned and Raven Storm has been assigned to the case, tasked to succeed where her father failed. With two bodies on her hands and only a handful of cryptic clues in a thirty year old case file, Raven steps into the darkness, determined to catch the killer before another woman dies.
But how do you solve a murder in the shadow of your father?
Book Four of the Bestselling Storm Chronicles.

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