Sherlock Holmes and the Twelve Days of Christmas by Roger Riccard

Sherlock Holmes and the Twelve Days of Christmas by Roger Riccard
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 601 KB

Twelve festive mysteries for your Christmas wish list…
Roger Riccard, having published two previous Sherlock Holmes novels, The Case of the Poisoned Lilly and The Case of the Twain Papers, has again taken pen in hand to bring forth a series of twelve short stories from the Christmas seasons of Holmes’ career.
From a case endangering Queen Victoria to his old arch-nemesis Moriarty, follow Sherlock as he encounters the most unfathomable mysteries, all portrayed with Riccard’s trademark style and immersive historical detail. Just who did shoot Sir James Piersall at the stroke of midnight? And can Holmes and Watson prevent an assassination at Christmas Eve dinner – without knowing which of the royal guests is the intended target?
Brimming with wit, intrigue and mystery, Sherlock enthusiasts will be transfixed and delighted by this collection.

The Partridge in a Pearl Tree
The Two Turtledoves
The Three French Henchmen
The Four Calling Birds
The Five Gold Rings
Six Geese at a Gander
The Seventh Swann
The Eighth Milkmaid
The Ninth Ladyship at the Dance
The Tenth Lord Leaping
The Eleven Pipe Problem
The Twelfth Drumming

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