Shield of the Summer Prince by Erik Scott de Bie (ePUB, MOBI)

Shield of the Summer Prince by Erik Scott de Bie (The World of Ruin #2)
English | 2015 | Dark Fantasy | 1.3 MB

Though the knight Ovelia Dracaris swore to defend the Blood of Denerre with her life, hers was the dishonored hand that felled the Winter King.
After five years as a spymaster, Ovelia resurfaced in a desperate quest for justice that cost her everything: love, her sight, and almost her life.
Blinded and exiled, Ovelia wards her only remaining friend on his quest to save the burning city of Luether, hoping to find what has eluded her for so long: redemption.
Rave Reviews for Shadow of the Winter King, Book 1 of the World of Ruin:
Great fantasy stories are less about dragons and castles and spells than they are about great characters, people who leap into life off the page and make us care about them, and want to know what happens next.
Then the magic swords and sinister castles, the skyships and pirates and dark secrets become delicious icing on the cake.
SHADOW OF THE WINTER KING has all of these things, and witty repartee, and web upon tangled web of intrigues, and a desperate fight for the future of a darkening world, too. Or rather, lots of fights.
Or to put it another way, this one has it all. And a generous handful of characters I want to meet again, in many sequels to this one.

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