Silent Murder by E.R. Fallon

Silent Murder by E.R. Fallon
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 300 KB

A body dismembered with a chainsaw is found under an infamous Newark bridge. The victim had links to organized crime.
New York Times bestselling author Da Chen has said E.R. Fallon writes the kind of stories that “. . . we stay up all night to finish.”

On her first day back at the job Detective Rebecca Everhart has a new female partner to cope with as well as this baffling case. Rebecca has just come back from a traumatic homicide case that left her shaken and can the two women work together?
Then another body turns up with the same gruesome wounds as the first. Has Rebecca got a serial killer on her hands or a mob war? And will she continue pursuing the murderer of her ex-partner’s brother, despite warnings to stop?
She must enter the tightly-knit Portuguese community to break the case. Time is running out to stop the vicious killer.

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  1. The book doesn’t download properly but will errors.Can the administrators check it out.

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