Silver’s Gods by Rich X Curtis

Silver’s Gods by Rich X Curtis (Tapestry Cycle #1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 457 KB

She’s striking. She’s immortal. She’s dangerous.
Long ago, a young girl finds a silver pearl in a river, and it changes her forever. Whisked away from her frightened family, Silver begins a journey over thousands of years. She cannot die and endures wars, ancient kingdoms, greedy rulers, plagues, and human desperation. She is ruled by faceless gods dictating their own agendas. They give her tasks. Seduce this man. Kill this King. Lead the war. Become a housewife. The gods wield her like a tool, to know how humans learn, to shape humanity for their own mysterious ends.

In present-day Silicon Valley, a tech powerhouse is introducing their crowning achievement, a friendly Artificial Intelligence designed to take humanity to new heights. When the CEO is shot dead on stage, the FBI goes on a manhunt for the killer. But is it a man? Silver’s immortality has mastered deadly skills modern spies and military aren’t ready for.

But the AI is far from tame. Its creators built the Mind as a servant, thinking they have it in a box, contained and safe. But they are wrong. Partnering with a journalist and two more dangerous immortals, this team is determined to eradicate the Mind. But are they powerful enough to find and destroy the Mind before it threatens humanity?

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