Sinful Silence by David Clark

Sinful Silence by David Clark (Jordan Blake #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 453 KB

He is the FBI’s only paranormalist. She is a television medium. Together they are more than the supernatural world bargained for.

Jordan Blake is the FBI’s only paranormalist, a position that costs him more than a little credibility with the other agents. Throw in his girlfriend Megan Tolliver, the darling, and impulsive, host of the top cable paranormal show, “America’s Medium”, and he doesn’t stand a chance of ever being taken seriously.

But that doesn’t stop them from turning to him when they come across something that the natural world can’t explain, such as the mysterious death of a coed in Richmond Virginia. They sent Jordan up to just consult on her autopsy, but her spirit begs him to dig further. With Megan’s help, they uncover a ring of evil that spreads up to the highest reaches of government, and cost several young women their lives to keep them silent. What is the old saying, dead men tell no tales? Well that is true, unless you have someone who can speak to the dead now isn’t it? Together the hunt down those responsible and try to stay out of the way of their only true adversary, an entity who says he is the source of all Evil in the world.

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  1. Both sites have “Broken Silence” but not “Sinful Silence”

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