Slingshot by Darren Wearmouth

Slingshot by Darren Wearmouth
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 300 KB

Imagine being told you have days to save humanity…
Just you. Nobody else…
And the message was delivered by a battered version of your future self.

Joey Hawke’s life is turned upside down when an injured version of himself drags him into a bathroom stall. Together, they have seventy-two hours to save humanity. The next day, a futuristic ship lands on the shore of Lake Ontario. The crew claim they have traveled back five centuries to defend Earth from a cluster of asteroids. But keeping the world safe is supposedly Joey’s job, and the crew’s story seems unbelievable.

The asteroids never appear, though events rapidly descend into an unstoppable extinction level event.

From ULoad From UploadRAR

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