Slipped by Ira Robinson

Slipped by Ira Robinson
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 192 KB

What would you do if your child was gone?
Tanglewood is a small town, much like any other. There are the families that run the place, people stuck in their day-to-day grind jobs, and spots to be entertained.
But Tanglewood is also where the paranormal is normal and the weird come to live.
Liz owns the bakery. She’s proud of what she does, and her place is really popular. She’s also mother to Cassie, a little girl she adores, who just happens to be a bit on the precocious side.
When Cassie goes missing, life stops and a desperate search begins.
Was it the father? He’s always had his problems, but could he go so far as to steal her child?
Or could it be something much worse?
Those woods are dangerous. There are things moving among the trees people don’t like to talk about.
And Cassie could be trapped within it all.
What’s a mother to do when her little child is lost, and the one place too horrible to think about is where she might be?

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