Sodenia by Luigi Robles

Sodenia: The First Space Bastion by Luigi Robles
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 374 KB

Earth’s doomsday clock is ticking towards its end.
Humanity has lived in fear since the destruction left behind by the first alien scouts, knowing they won’t survive the next attack. Governments have been scrambling to develop a program that will secure and prepare Earth against another alien attack.

Fain Jegga was just a boy when he witnessed the alien attack firsthand and lost his parents. Now fully grown, he has trained day and night in a top-secret facility as part of a military program searching for Earth’s most talented individuals.
As the only pilot that successfully completed his training, he was led down a path in the facility that only a few have seen before. It wasn’t until then that he discovered Earth was in the middle of an intergalactic war.

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