Son of Soron by Robyn Wideman (ePUB, MOBI)

Son of Soron (Stoneblood Saga Book 1) by Robyn Wideman
English | 232 pages | Fantasy | EPUB, MOBI | 0.69 Mb

Book one of the exciting STONEBLOOD SAGA NOVELS
Soron and Velaina left the royal life behind, with all its intrigues and dangers, for the small village of Elderwood. For fourteen years, they lived a peaceful and simple life, until one day their son Nathan showed signs of possessing magical abilities, and all their plans were thrown into question. Before they could share their secret pasts with their son, a tragic series of missteps by an ambitious duke leads to tragedy.
Nathan’s quest finds him pitted against deadly bandits, vicious mythical creatures, and a northern king who will either kill him or call him grandson.
Watch as the young boy leaves a sheltered childhood and enters into perilous adventures with life or death situations threatening his very existence.

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