Soul Eater by Lindsey Fairleigh

Soul Eater by Lindsey Fairleigh (Kat Dubois Chronicles, #4)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 291 KB

Humans know that immortals live among them, and the world is forever changed… Kat Dubois saved the human world from a deadly virus…and she couldn’t be more miserable. Her life as she knew it is over. She has become a prisoner held captive in a gilded cage, courtesy of her newfound fame. She spends her days training with her sword, straining to control her ever-increasing otherworldly powers, and dreaming of the good old times. Until her dreams start showing her grim visions of the future. A malicious evil is haunting a nearby high school, and according to her charmed deck of tarot cards, Kat may be the only person who can stop it. She’s forced to step out into the world once more. The fate of humanity depends on her swift action. But this time, she may have to sacrifice more than her life to save the world…

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