Soultaker by Robert J. Duperre

Soultaker by Robert J. Duperre (Knights Eternal #1)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | EPUB | 1.4 MB

It’s been a thousand years since the Rising.
The world is a wasteland now. And a holy order of knights is all that stands between what’s left of civilization and the brigands and demons trying to bring it down.
The oldest of those knights, Abe, has the weight of the world on his shoulders. When he’s not trying in vain to keep his brothers. Shade and Meesh. in line, he’s tirelessly attempting to decode the riddles that have guided the Knights Eternal for the past two centuries. The visions he’s been having aren’t helping matters any.
The latest riddle sends the knights after a prophet and his band of Outriders—or is it sending them to seek his aid? It’s a question Abe needs answered. With his sanity fleeing, more demons than ever rising from the Pit, and rumors circulating of an army of risen dead, failure for the knights might end the world this time once and for all.

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