Speed Reading by Bryan Botwin (ePUB, AZW3)

Speed Reading: How To Increase Your Reading Speed And Comprehension by Bryan Botwin
English | 2017 | Non-Fiction, Reference | 303 KB

Have you ever wanted to learn about and master many subjects, but feel as though there isn’t enough time in life to do everything you want to do? Books are one of the greatest methods for gaining knowledge we have available to us, and by learning to speed read, your ability to take advantage of all books have to offer goes up exponentially. In this book you will learn about:
Habits you should Change: We all have habits we’ve been taught since childhood that hinder us in our ability to read fast. You can set to work changing these once you become aware of exactly what they are, and this book will point them out to you.
Advantages to Fast Reading: Sure, being able to read fast sounds great, but what specific advantages can you get out of it? How will this skill benefit your life and what can you do with it? We will cover all of that, and more, in this guide to speed reading.
Tips for Improving: There’s no limit to how good you can get in this area, and this book will give you step by step instructions to constantly getting better at speed reading.
With the ability to speed read, you can spend less time reading over boring technical documents that you have to read for work or school. You can also get your studies done faster, learn new skills, and read more fiction in a shorter amount of time.

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