Starbearer by Rock Forsberg

Starbearer by Rock Forsberg (Shades Space Opera #3)
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | eBook | 522 KB

You can’t hide from the bleeding darkness.
There’s no front-line. There’s nowhere to hide.
How do you fight that?

Jill Faith has given away her superhuman powers for freedom on a paradise beach.
But when thousands of mysterious black spots appear all over the inhabited galaxy, foreboding a dark invasion, Jill realises her mistake. To get back her powers, she has to face her old enemies.

Meanwhile, the ancient evil as grown more powerful than ever, and when the dark universe bleeds over, it happens everywhere. There’s no front-line. There’s nowhere to hide.
With the Dawn Alliance Navy crippled, the fate of humanity rests on people like Jill and her motley crew of allies.

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