Starbound by John Noble

Starbound by John Noble
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 476 KB

Space can be cold. It’s colder when people are shooting at you.
Devon knew moving to Mars was going to ruin his life. No one mentioned it might actually get him killed. It’s 2057 and Devon’s family is stopping over on Medea Station, en-route to their new life on the Mars.

Things get incrementally better when he hits it off with a girl named Melissa on the shuttle ride up. Then dramatically worse when the two bump into a CIA agent and discover a bomb that blasts a hole in the military’s fancy orbital fortress. Now they’re venting atmosphere, Medea Station is on lock-down, and the US Space-Force wants to talk.

Fortunately, they have their new CIA friend, and she has a plan. Mostly it involves dead bodies, bluffing through security, and tranquilizing anyone who gets in the way but–whatever, any port in a storm… right?
Unfortunately, someone just smuggled a suitcase of high explosives onboard, and all eyes are on Devon and Melissa. The two are going to need serious help to stay alive, out of prison, and find out what’s going on, before the rest of Medea Station ends up in the firing line.

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