Stars Like Cold Fire by Brent Nichols, Jake Elwood

Stars Like Cold Fire by Brent Nichols, Jake Elwood
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 510 KB

Jeff Yi thinks life at the Naval Academy is bad. He’s harassed and despised by classmates who resent him for his family connections. He knows things will be different after he graduates. He doesn’t know it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

A weekend of shore leave turns into a fight for survival when Jeff is attacked by strangely persistent muggers. His family’s history makes him a symbol to the anti-fascist movement – which means the fascists see him as a threat.

The admiralty knows there’s only one way to keep him safe. He must have his own command. They assign him to the Petrel, a tiny, worn-out stealth ship. He’s not qualified for command, and he knows it. His crew knows it too, and they are not impressed.

Now, a young officer who only ever wanted to fit in will have to rise to the challenge of command. He’ll have to overcome his own doubts and win over a hostile crew, and he’ll have to do it quickly, because the galaxy is about to erupt in interstellar war.

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