Starvation Lake by John Carson

Starvation Lake by John Carson
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 350 KB

A killer on the loose.
A killer behind bars.
And a detective caught between them…
Ailsa Connolly was a brilliant psychologist and a respected criminologist.
She was also a serial killer.

Six years ago, DCI Sean Bracken caught her just before he was about to become her seventh victim. Every year on the anniversary of her incarceration, she taunts him with a phone call, giving him one message; when I get out, I’ll kill you.
Now, Bracken has transferred back to Edinburgh from Fife and is thrown into the deep end on his first day back on duty.

There’s a killer who is emulating Ailsa, threatening to surpass her body count.
Bracken knows he needs her on board to help him track the killer down, but she’s reluctant to get involved.
Then the case takes an unexpected twist, and she agrees to help. But this new killer is taking them down a dark, twisted path, where nobody sees the outcome.
Until it’s too late.

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