Stellar Conflict by Spencer Pierson

Stellar Conflict by Spencer Pierson (Scale of the Stars #2)
English | 2018 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 367 KB

First contact is never easy!
Humanity’s first contact is a mess. An alien race called the Jezerine have invaded our solar system, looking to mine it for precious resources. We won’t stand for that, and we will fight back. However, in the midst of the stellar conflict, an explosion sends one of the alien vessels into a death spiral. Their only hope is for Empyreus to come to their aid which they don’t dare ask for, but helping others is what Empyreus does.

Empyreus and the Jezerine aren’t the only players in this game. The Seven Serpent society has been lying in wait, and they are very good at waiting for the right moment. Even if Empyreus rescues the alien crew, they will not be safe from the agents of the serpents. They will strike, and Empyreus might very well fall under their dreadful assault.
However, the shadows of war and conflict are gathering far from the borders of Sol. Something is going on within the Union of the Alignment, its days numbered by the approaching horde overrunning their borders. On top of that, a mysterious stranger has come from somewhere impossibly far away to ask for help from the Drake family.

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