Stone Goddess by Thea Atkinson

Stone Goddess by Thea Atkinson (Isabella Hush #3)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 272 KB

If the man watching you isn’t human…
…And what he wants is impossible…
Do you give up or give in?
Isabella Hush has a chance to take her life back. She can be free of dread and fear and the man who haunts her days. All she has to do is barter her skills to a few immortals.
But what waits for her is dark…
…And it’s deadly.
She finds herself thrown into the seedy underbelly of the otherworld, where nothing comes cheap. Not intel. Not relics. In fact, the only true commodity is more precious than gold.
There are secrets she can’t see.
There are factions at work she doesn’t understand.
And she’s trusting too many unknowns.
Can she walk the line between supernatural realms without losing herself, or will shaking down her ex end up being the same thing as selling her soul?

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