Storm Front by Tony Reed

Storm Front by Tony Reed (A Monk and Lee Adventure #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 210 KB

A tropical island paradise. The storm of the decade. Twenty million dollars locked away in a vault. Lincoln and Mich find themselves in a battle of survival against two deadly forces of nature in this latest Monk and Lee Adventure by Tony Reed, bestselling author of Neptune Island.

Ex-cops turned adventurers Lincoln Monk and Mich Lee are living the dream working at a secluded resort in French Polynesia. Sun, surf, and babes—life is good!—but a killer storm looms on the horizon.
Guests are evacuated, leaving the remaining staff trapped and at the mercy of Papeete’s search and rescue effort. Now, as a cyclone of biblical proportions consumes the island, Lincoln and Mich must lead a ragtag group through perilous jungle to find shelter. But are staff the only ones left on the island?

Meanwhile, an even deadlier force of nature lies waiting to strike—a force with twenty million reasons to make sure no one escapes the island alive.

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