Strange Sight by Syd Moore

Strange Sight by Syd Moore (An Essex Witch Museum Mystery #2)
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB, MOBI | 1.4 MB

The rat sniffed a discarded crisp packet then, finding it empty, turned its attention to the central rail.
This was the time they tended to come out, when the crowds were thinning post-pub, and Saturday night revellers were either calling it a night, splashing out on a cab, maybe bracing the horrors of the night bus, or forgetting about Sunday and going on to a club.
Not that anywhere in London ever really ‘thinned’ out. Though the Square Mile, home to the financial district, or the City of London as it liked to crown itself, was quieter than anywhere else. At the weekend anyway. The nine-tofivers hotfooted it from work on a Friday afternoon and stayed away from the place as long as they possibly could or till their alarms rudely ordered them back on Monday morning. Hardly anyone actually lived in the City any more. The few that could afford the stratospheric rents swanned up west at weekends in pursuit of bright lights and glamour, dancing, dining, drugs or drinks. Or a combination thereof.

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