Sunstone’s Secret by Kate Kennelly

Sunstone’s Secret by Kate Kennelly (Isles of Stone #2)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 351 KB

Deprived of everything you are, who do you become?
Exiled from her home. Healer status revoked. The man she loves in the hands of a madman.
Natalie Desmond takes refuge on a foreign Isle, convinced life couldn’t get worse. Spies find her love unconscious and at death’s door. But when Natalie Heals him, she discovers he’s become a mage—one of the first in two thousand years.
Broken mentally and physically, his newfound mage powers raging out of control, Healer Jules Rayvenwood struggles to face life among friends. Unable to touch others— including the woman he loves—Jules retreats into himself.
If Jules doesn’t get help, people could get hurt. Natalie learns of a possible answer across the sea. She and her friends set sail, praying the answer lies at the end. Instead, they find a greater danger than anyone anticipated.

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