Switch by A.S. King

Switch by A.S. King
English | 2021 | YA Fantasy | 840 KB

I’m looking for the Real Solution.

I think it has something to do with giving a shit about people…

To understand anything is to understand energy / anger / love.

A surreal and timely novel about isolation and human connection from Michael L. Printz Award-winner A.S. King.

Time has stopped. It’s been 23 June 2020 for nearly a year. Sixteen-year-old Tru Becker lives in a house with a power switch that no one ever touches. Her father nails larger and larger boxes over the switch. Tru is inside box seven, from where she has to deal with not only her family’s problems, but also the impossible science project she’s been set at school. Tru has a crowbar, and, one way or another, she’s going to see what happens when she flips the switch.

Written with the same heart, nuance and depth as A.S. King’s other prize-winning books, Switch is about finding ways to deal with past trauma, trusting and re-setting.

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