Tales of the Continuing Time and Other Stories by Daniel Keys Moran

Tales of the Continuing Time and Other Stories by Daniel Keys Moran
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 440 KB

The first new book from Daniel Keys Moran in seven years, “Tales” contains six unpublished Continuing Time stories, and twelve stories scattered around parts of the Great Wheel.

Moran was born in Los Angeles to Richard Joseph Moran and Marilynn Joyce Moran. He has three sisters, Kari Lynn Moran, Jodi Anne Moran and Kathleen Moran. A native of Southern California, he formerly lived (with his former wife Holly Thomas Moran) in North Hollywood. DKM, his third wife Amy Stout-Moran, and their sons Richard Moran and Connor Moran, along with Amy’s two daughters and one son later lived in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. In early 2005 Keys Moran lost vision in one eye due to wet macular degeneration. Moran currently maintains an active blog, and has in the past maintained two web sites.

The Shepherds 2049
Interlude 2049 – 2485
Leftbehind 2485 – 2489
Interlude 2489 – 2676
The Shivering Bastard at Devnet 2676
A Son Enters, Stage Right 2681
Interlude – 2681 to 2821
Smile and Give Me a Kiss 2821 – 2873
Platformer 3021 – 3022
Realtime with Gladys Prebehalla
The Gray Maelstrom
Given the Game
Play Date
What Is And Is Not True
Uncle Jack
Old Man
A Conversation in the Kitchen With Her Father
Hell, Next Five Exits
All Possible Worlds

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