Talion by D.J. Thompson

Talion by D.J. Thompson (The Angels of War #2)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 630 KB

Peace is temporary and the cycle of war will never end until rivaling powers cease to exist … The most powerful army the world has ever faced will stop at nothing to ensure global control will be theirs, even if that means millions have to die …It’s been two years since the War of Annex ended with the Deciders’ collapse.

The United States of the Americas and rivaling megapowers struggle to rebuild their societies in a world rampant with anarchic crime and the resentments of millions who had learned of their governments’ corruption in the Deciders’ reeducation camps and through the files contained in Veritas.Dion Johnson, the college senior who led the Angels of War Militia to their victory over the Deciders and killed their architect, is certain that the threat is regathering its strength in the shadows. But with a new family to protect, even the assassination of the president he helped put in power isn’t enough to bring him back into the fight.
Determined to draw Dion out of hiding, the Deciders kidnap dozens of his friends and loved ones … and, soon after, the new face of their movement begins executing his hostages one by one while counting down to a cataclysm that will wipe billions from the earth …

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