Talk Power by Natalie H. Rogers

Talk Power: The Mind-Body Way to Speak Without Fear by Natalie H. Rogers
English | 2021 | Self Help | 21 MB

A science-backed system guaranteed to turn every fearful public speaker into a confident toast master

Do you break into a cold sweat when you have to give a speech? Are work meetings your worst nightmare? Would you rather jump off a ledge than speak in public? Talk Power: The Mind-Body Way to Speak Without Fear is here to help.

Talk Power is a mind-body system that integrates neuroscience, behavior modification, performance techniques, speech crafting, and leadership skills to help you master every aspect of public speaking—from gracious toasts to great speeches. Learn how to breathe, sit quietly, maintain concentration, and reduce rapid heartbeat, trembling, and adrenaline rush triggered by speaking in public. From the creator of Talkpower, a Panic Clinic for Public Speaking, learn the TalkPower Action Formula, utilize the Survival Kit for Public Speakers, and master the speech-writing-made-easy speech templates. Everything you need to be an assured and engaging speaker is here.

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