Terminal by Iain Rob Wright

Terminal by Iain Rob Wright (Major Crimes Unit #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 330 KB

Latest and final book in the breathtaking Major Crime Unit series.

The United Kingdom’s worst ever disaster has just taken placeā€¦
Sarah Stone is no longer the loose cannon she once was. As a senior member of the long-established MCU, she has finally found the the peace and stability she has always longed for.
But that peace is shattered when a plane falls out of the sky.
With almost eight-hundred dead, the MCU is called to investigate the cause of the plane crash, but the answers they find make little sense. Hacking a plane is supposed to be impossible; so how did somebody do it?

There’s a mass murderer on the loose, but it’s not who you might expect.

Iain Rob Wright completes Sarah Stone’s tragic story with the biggest terrorist attack yet, bringing a tale more sombre and emotional than any before.

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