The Accidental Warrior by S.J. Mantle

The Accidental Warrior by S.J. Mantle
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.4 MB

An intriguing crime story with a strong female lead, based on the authors knowledge of policing. A real life modern day thriller with an added historical twist. An assassination from the ancient past is somehow linked to a present-day murder enquiry.
Detective Harriet Lacey’s marriage might be falling apart but she has a successful career. When she’s unexpectedly reassigned to an investigation headed by her cheating husband, she expects life to become more difficult… she does not expect it to become fraught with danger. Well respected members of the community are dying in mysterious circumstances and, the nearer she gets to uncovering the truth, the more precarious it becomes for her and her team.

As the investigation intensifies Harriet begins to suspect that, amazingly, her case is connected to a political murder dating way back to the 4th Century BC. But getting evidence to prove this is quite another matter. She then learns of the existence of a secret organisation which also has its roots deep in the past. A society that has been working behind the scenes to try to prevent the violence directed towards her. And to stop those who are seeking to impede the police investigation, although this has had only mixed results. Harriet must decide whether this organisation’s involvement is a force for good, and the extent to which they can be trusted. When Harriet closes in on the criminals responsible, ancient history clashes with modern day greed, family ties with professional honour, and good with evil. But the ultimate truth, the truth she cannot ignore, lies with her.

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