The Body Hunters by Alex Nast

The Body Hunters by Alex Nast
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 126 KB

My name is Juno, and I have a death sentence I can’t escape… a beautiful face.
Body Hunters search for beautiful faces like mine, and when they catch us they sell us to the highest bidder. Anyone with enough money can buy a body and pay to have their mind transplanted in to that body, cheating death. I’m not a human being to them, just a thing to be caught, sold and worn. It’s murder, but there are no governments left, just the rich and the poor, and any sin can be erased for the right price.
My whole short life I thought I was just another beautiful face, but now I know I’m different. I have the highest Beauty Score ever recorded. And when word of what I am reaches the wealthiest elite they will bend every resource to their will trying to find me, because to wear my body would be the ultimate status symbol.
The hope that I cling to is a fairy tale, of a place where green things still grow and a government still exists. It’s a lie, has to be, but the Body Hunters are closing in and I can’t trust anyone. I’m running out of options…

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