The Bones of the Dead by J.E. Mayhew

The Bones of the Dead by J.E. Mayhew (DCI Will Blake #3)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 586 KB

How do you solve a murder when there is no body?
When DCI Will Blake is called to investigate a blood-drenched gravestone, the evidence leads to Trevor Long, local paranormal investigator, self-styled medium and conspiracy theorist. Long vanished while he was investigating the mysterious, axe-wielding Sons of Sol, worshippers of the Viking sun goddess. But Long’s life, like his death, is far from straight forward and Blake’s team are drawn into a deadly game.

Meanwhile, closer to home, an old enemy is still conspiring against Blake. His life is in danger. And to top it all, his cat has gone missing.
Can Blake unravel the fate of Trevor Long, defend himself and protect those he holds dear before the forces of evil close in?

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