The Calling by Thomas Ransom

The Calling by Thomas Ransom
English | 2021 | Crime Thriller | 655 KB

Roger and Dee Eckers longed for a change in their routine and were ready to abandon city life with their four children.
They thought they had hit the jackpot when they stumbled upon a quaint cottage in the town of Echo Creek. The neighbors were a little eccentric but seemed harmless.
It wasn’t long before they realized Echo Creek, and their new dream home wasn’t all they expected it to be.
Shortly after their arrival, their neighbor Noah Whitaker, is found murdered. Days after, two more bodies are found. This time, with their right hand severed. Echo Creek is now the home of a serial killer!

No one is safe! When an unlocked window can mean the difference between waking up before the sun rises or not waking up at all.
Can Roger and Dee band together and protect their family from the killer? Or are they sitting ducks as their neighbors get picked off one by one?
What will they do when they realize the killer is in their house?

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