The Casanova Killer by Gavin Graham

The Casanova Killer by Gavin Graham
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 302 KB

He is a deranged serial killer. He carefully picks his victims on Tinder. They are women of a certain ‘age’, with a certain ‘look’ and an overtly confident ‘sex-appeal’. He romances them. He seduces them by the powers of his evil mind. For sure, he gets them into bed and he brutally kills them during the act of sexual intercourse. He abuses and defiles their bodies in unimaginable ways. He dissects them and de-bowels them. He leaves strange clues and symbology at the crime scenes to put Detectives onto his trail, teasing them the way he likes to tease his women, but they are not smart enough to catch him, not intelligent enough for his masterly methods of deception. He is – ‘Casanova’. DCI Mac McGreavy and his maverick team in CID have their work cut out, most definitely, but they will stop at nothing to catch the killer and bring him to justice along with all those who are helping him to remain uncaught. Are you ready to delve into the sicko mind of a psychopathic sex-killer? Yes? Well then, let’s get started…shall we?

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