The Coalition by Samuel Marquis (ePUB, MOBI)

The Coalition by Samuel Marquis
English | 2016 | Thriller & Suspense | 3.2 MB

“The Coalition has a lot of good action and suspense, an unusual female assassin, and the potential to be another The Day After Tomorrow.”
–James Patterson, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

From the fiftieth floor of an office building in Denver, Colorado, alongrange assassin calmly watches a procession of black Lincolns. Whenthe motorcade pulls to the curb in Civic Center Plaza, a prominentleader steps from one of the vehicles and takes the stage to make animportant speech. Moments later, a loud BOOM echoes through the Plazaand the man slumps to the platform like a stringless marionette. Themysterious sniper, whose very existence is unknown to the internationallaw enforcement community, has just assassinated U.S. President-electWilliam Ambrose Kieger.

In the aftermath of the shockingpolitical crime, the shooter escapes and a Task Force is swiftlyassembled, headed up by Special Agent Kenneth Patton of the FBI’s Denver Field Office. A ten-year vet in Domestic Terrorism, the unconventionalKen is driven to solve the crime by both professional and personalmotives. His search leads him to a secret society whose diabolical andfar-reaching plot threatens the very highest levels of the U.S.government. Yet the group’s motives, secret membership, and ambitiousplans remain elusive. Can Ken and his team uncover the plot in time tosave the day? Can they beat the countdown on the clock and catch theassassin and the shadowy group in the background pulling the strings? Or will time run out?

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