The Cold Storm by John Etterlee

The Cold Storm by John Etterlee
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 305 KB

They targeted his family. A storm is coming…
On a winter camping trip in the mountains of Montana, an ex-Army Ranger must save his family from a gang of ruthless killers by reuniting with his combat-hardened buddies for one final fight.
Former Special Ops Sergeant, Roger O’Neil, thought it would be a simple winter retreat with his loved ones in the vast Montana wilderness. He thought wrong. Little did he know that there was something much more sinister in store for them when he finds a lone drifter hiding out in the woods behind his mountain cabin.

Deciding to help the strange man sends his life into a tailspin and puts a target directly on his family’s back when they become hunted by the Aryan Brotherhood. With their lives threatened by an unforeseen criminal conspiracy, Roger decides to call on the only ones he knows can help them–a group of gun-toting former special operators who’d love nothing more than an excuse to wage war.
It’s a race for time to defend the defenseless and save his family from the clutches of a gang of sadistic killers. With they succeed? Or will they become victims of an extensive criminal underworld?

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