The Cold Years by Joel Hames

The Cold Years by Joel Hames (Sam Williams, #3)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 323 KB

When so many haven’t survived, just being alive can feel like a crime.
Everyone needs to be heard: if there’s one thing Sam Williams has learned it’s that. Which is why he finds himself defending Richard Fothergill against accusations that date back decades.
But Sam’s real problems are closer to home. His nemesis, Trawden, is finally dead, but so are those he once called friends. The people he used to count on, the ones who aren’t in the ground, aren’t what they once were, either. DI Martins is on his back again, and she’s got company. And Sam’s girlfriend Claire might be recovering from her breakdown, but she’s not telling him everything.
Life would be so much easier if Sam knew the answers. Instead, all he’s got are questions.
Who is following him, and what do they want?

What did Fothergill really do to the children he taught?
And where was Claire the day Edward Trawden was killed?
Everyone has a secret to hide, but some secrets are too close to home

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  1. What has happened to the FREE books

  2. thank you , much appreciated 😀

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